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CSBio, Headquarter based in Menlo Park, California has been producing high quality custom peptides since our inception in 1993. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality compounds available in a time frame that meets each customer’s expectations. Whether customers are in need of multiple peptides, long sequences, modified peptide or even peptide reagents and synthesis equipment, CSBio can be of assistance. All of our peptides come with a complete quality control package including HPLC analysis to ensure purity and mass spec analysis to confirm identity. Our customers include a broad range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions around the world.

C S Bio (Shanghai) Ltd is CSBio first China R&D Center opened in China, and strategically located in Zhangjiang Hitech Medicon Valley. We are a complete peptide solution providers ranging from automated peptide synthesizers, peptide reagents, GMP peptide API, custom peptide synthesis, antibody and many other peptide related products and services in our company. We have the following positions and any interested candidates, please forward your resume to our HR dept email:

1) Organic Synthesis Chemist (Salary: RMB 20000-25000/mth)
Job Description:
1. Literature search and synthetic route design are essential for Fmoc/Boc protected special amino acid synthesis and characterization.
2. Multiple-step synthesis or modification of biologically interested small molecules and their linkers are also targets.
3. You must be willing and able to carry out difficult reactions and purification procedures, and to modify and improve reaction conditions when existing literature is inadequate.
4. Organic chemistry background and experience with a wide variety of reaction types (such as peptide synthesis in solution phase, heterocyclizations, C-C coupling reactions, enantioselective reactions, and carbohydrate glycosylation) are strongly recommended.
5. At least 95% of your time will be devoted to synthetic organic chemistry, with up to 5% of time on peptide/protein conjugation, special resin preparation and related activities.
6. Be able to write process and development report.
Desired Skills and Experience:
• BS/MS or PhD degree in organic chemistry. Two years plus of postdoctoral experience in synthetic organic chemistry is preferred.
• Experience as a synthetic organic, or medicinal, chemist in an industry laboratory is preferred.
• Candidates must possess a strong background in the theory and practice of synthetic organic chemistry, possess excellent problem solving skills and demonstrate a thorough understanding of synthetic methods and reaction mechanisms.
• Must be able to independently prioritize own work assignments, and consistently demonstrate the ability to perform assigned tasks through rigorous data collection and applying analytical tests and instrumentation in the laboratory.
• Must have expertise in the purification and characterization of organic compounds using applicable modern techniques, such as NMR, HPLC, Normal/reverse phase LC, IR, UV-Vis, and Mass and so on.

2) Organic Synthesis Assistant Chemist (Salary: RMB 8000-15000/mth)
Job Description:
1. Responsible in completing US Headquarter R&D projects and reporting the project progress on timely basis.
2. Main focus on the custom synthesis of new compound including the synthesis of Fmoc/Boc-protected special amino acids.
3. Literature search and synthetic route design are essential for Fmoc/Boc protected special amino acid synthesis and characterization.
4. With reference to literature, able to perform multi-step synthesis independently, optimize the route of synthesis and identification of the final product.
5. Responsible in writing project reports and patent application.
6. Candidate should be able to adopt to fast working environment and handled several projects independently.
Desired Skills and Experience:
• With B.Sc and above in Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and related professional qualification, with strong R&D background.
• At least 3 years related working experience.
• Possess solid professional knowledge and strong problem solving skills, familiar with literature search and able to write English/Chinese project report.
• Have a strong sense of responsibility, a sense of innovation and a strong team spirit, with great interest in organic chemical synthesis.

3) QC Engineer (Salary: RMB 7000 and above)
Job Description:
1. Responsible in project inspection, documentation and reporting.
2. Responsible in validation of QC analytical tools, equipment and method of analysis.
3. Responsible in management of GMP related projects.
4. Responsible for analytical tools and equipment maintenance.
5. Responsible in management of facility cleanliness and safety inspection.
6. Able to take on other temporary arrangement.
Desired Skills and Experience:
• Bachelor degree or above, major in medicine, pharmacy or related professional qualification.
• 3 years and above QC related experience, must have HPLC work experience, other related GMP test experience.
• Have problem solving ability and confidence in executing the solution.
• Good communication and well written for English language.
• Have hands-on capability for analytical tools and equipment.

4) QC Chemist (Salary: RMB 5000 and above)
Job Description:
1. Need to carry out physical and chemical inspection of raw material, excipients, intermediates, finished products and retained samples.
2. Required to carry sample preparation of standards, products, reference substance as well as management of bio-reagents.
3. Ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the laboratory tools and Analytical equipment.
4. Expected to complete the inspection task within the required timeline and testing data should be accurate and test reports submitted timely.
5. Co-operate with superior in completing ISO 9001 and other related quality assurance task.
Desired Skills and Experience:
• Qualification in Chemical and instrumental analysis is required.
• Candidates with working experience in the QC department for pharmaceutical or biotech companies and have experience with HPLC,MS,FTIR, NMR, GC, Karl Fisher, biological test and etc is preferred.
• Candidate with Shanghai and national QC training certificate is preferred.
• Fluent in Chinese and English, both speaking and written.

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