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CSBio (Shanghai) Ltd is part of the global expansion plan for CSBio California- based US biotechnology which has brought over 20 years’experience serving the life science community in the arena of peptide synthesizers and custom peptides! We feel our biggest asset is our stellar reputation in the biotechnology field in both peptide production and peptide synthesizers as well as our good standing in the local and biotech communities. CSBio is the only GMP certified peptide synthesizers manufacturer in the world. CSBio also has a full scale, FDA inspected peptide production laboratory and holds a Drug Manufacturing License from the state of California.

Situated within medicon valley of Zhangjiang Hitech Park, with R&D and production facilities in China and USA, CSBio China will extend her services to peptide synthesizers, peptide reagents, GMP manufactured peptides, custom manufactured peptides, antibody, and more than ten of thousands of peptide related products!

Our Mission is to provide the best service to our customers in terms of high quality products and good customer service at a competitive pricing. Our vision is to become a global provider of peptide based new drug!

Peptide Synthesizer

With 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of peptide synthesizers, CSBio canprovide various type of automated Peptide synthesizer in the production ofnon-GMP and GMP peptide.

GMP manufactured peptides

CSBio features a full service FDA inspected GMP peptideproduction facility with a primary focus on custom and GMP peptide production.Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality compoundsavailable, in a time frame that matches customer requirements. Our staff ishighly skilled and has extensive training in both peptide chemistry and CurrentGood Manufacturing Practices. Ongoing training in cGMPs is conducted throughoutthe year and documented by our Quality Assurance department.

Our commitment to quality and compliance is a driving force behind our operations. We welcome allcurrent and prospective customers to conduct audits and inspections of our cGMPfacilities and systems. Should you have any questions regarding C S Bio’ssynthetic cGMP operations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom Manufactured Peptide

Our custom manufactured peptide services is able to meet your R&D and screeningrequirement

Peptide Reagents

Complete range of peptide related reagents used in the production of non-GMP and GMP peptides

Custom Manufactured Antibody

Provides monoclonal and polyclonalantibody products for our academic, biotechnology, diagnostic andpharmaceutical customers

Antibody Pricing.

Fine Chemicals

We can also provide numerous fine chemicals towards many different industries usedin widespread applications.

Analytical Testing Services

Provides analytical testing services for the determination of product quality

  • MS spectrum analysis
    • ESI-MS full scan
    • LC-MS
    • LC-MS-MS
  • HPLC purity analysis
    • RP-HPLC (reversed phase)
    • SEC-HPLC (size exclusion)
    • IE-HPLC (ion exchange)
    • Method development and validation for Non-GMP and GMP projects.
  • NMR spectrum analysis
  • FT-IR spectrum analysis
  • UV Spectrum analysis
    • ualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Amino acid analysis
    • Proteins/peptides are hydrolyzed using HCl.The released amino acid residues are analyzed on a reversed phase HPLC afterpre-column derivatization.
  • Water Content
    • Moisture Analysis by Karl Fisher titration
  • Peptide content
    • by elemental analysis
  • Peptide counterion content
    • TFA, Acetic Acid content by HPLC
  • Residual Solvent content
    • DMF, DCM, ACNcontent by GC
  • Melting Point
  • Elemental Analysis
    • C%, H%, and N%of organic compounds
  • Peptide API chemical testing
  • Lyophilization services
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