CSBio (Shanghai) Ltd is PEPTIDE INSTITUTE Sole Distributor in China since July 2015.

  Peptide Institute, Inc. traces its beginnings to the Protein Research Foundation since 1958. For more than half a century, Peptide Institutes have been widely contributing to the advancement of life sciences through research on amino acids, peptides and carbohydrates.
Catalog Products
Biologically Active Peptides and Proteins
 • Enzyme Inhibitors and Substrates
 • Carbohydrates and Conjugates
 • Peptide Antisera and Monoclonal Antibodies
 • Amino Acids and Amino Acids Derivatives
 • Reagents for Peptide Synthesi

Custom Synthesis for Basic Research
 • Peptides and Peptide-Modified Derivatives
    (Phosphorylated Peptides, Glycopeptides, Fluorescently-Labeled Peptides, etc.)
 • Preparation of Epitope Peptides, Bioconjugates and Polyclonal Antibodies
 • Glucolipids, Nucleotidyl Sugars, Sugar Related Compounds, etc.
 • Other Organic Compounds for Bio Research

Custom Synthesis for Drugs Development Research
 • Pharmaceuticals
 • Intermediates of Pharmaceuticals
 • Protected Peptides and Amino Acids Derivatives for Pharmaceuticals
 • GMP Peptides for Clinical Study

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