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CSBio Analytical Services

Analytical Testing and other Services

CSBio strongly believed QUALITY and we will offer the qualified products to our global customers. Thus we have equipped our Quality control laboratories with necessary state-of-the analytical instrumentation. We can also provide analytical testing services to customers who like to outsource such services for the determination of product quality

MS spectrum analysis

    • ESI-MS full scan

    • LC-MS

    • LC-MS-MS

HPLC purity analysis

    • RP-HPLC (reversed phase)

    • SEC-HPLC (size exclusion)

    • IE-HPLC (ion exchange)

    • Method development and validation for Non-GMP and GMP projects

NMR spectrum analysis

FT-IR spectrum analysis

UV Spectrum analysis

    • qualitative and quantitative analysis

Chiral HPLC analysis

Amino acid analysis

    • Proteins/peptides are hydrolyzed using HCl. The released amino acid residues are analyzed on a reversed phase HPLC after pre-column derivatization.

    Water Content

    Moisture Analysis by Karl Fisher titration

    Peptide content

    • by elemental analysis

    Peptide counter ion content

    • qualitative and quantitative analysis

    Residual Solvent content

    • DMF, DCM, ACN content by GC

    Melting Point

    Elemental Analysis

    • C%, H%, and N% of organic compounds

    Peptide API chemical testing

    Lyophilization services

    For more information, please contact our sales dept for more information:

    Email: info@csbiochina.com
    Tel: 0086-21-50781655 (Overseas sales)
    0086-21-50781661-8005(Domestic Sales)
    0086-21-50781661-8007(Domestic Sales)
    Fax: 0086-21-50781661-8008

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