PET Peptides

In the study of modern medical diagnostics, Molecular imaging in the form of positron emission tomography (PET) is becoming more and more important, because it not only has high specificity, dynamic imaging capabilities but also provides molecular biological information to researchers.

Peptide are labeled as a class of molecular probes that can be applied to molecular imaging techniques to meet various pharmacological studies (such as early diagnosis of disease, real time visualization of underlying biochemical processes of disease development, and tracking of the whole process of disease treatment).
Targeted probes made up of bifunctional reagents linked both peptides and chelate metallic elements can be used in molecular imaging techniques for cancer therapy. Multiple quantitative reagents for proteomics can be prepared by labeling various metallic elements in the presence of bifunctional reagents, and used in screening, identification and classification of tumor markers. Therefore, bifunctional reagents and peptides containing bifunctional reagents (PET peptides) have good application prospects in tumor research, CSBio is a professional peptide company expertise in providing many kinds of bifunctional reagents and PET peptides.

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